Professional services

King Arthur’s Writes has extensive experience in all types of proofreading and editing, with our company having edited dozens of books, journal and magazine articles for international publications. We have proofread English textbooks, examination papers, university assignments, e-books and application letters. Examples of specific sectors we cater to include education, manufacturing, finance, defence and technology. Our services are outlined below:


  1. Proofreading is the process of correcting spelling, diction, syntax and punctuation. Proofreading does not address the overall content or any fundamental flaws in the style, meaning or organisation of text.

  2. Editing is a much more complex and labour-intensive procedure, involving improvements to style, sentence structure, paragraph organisation, flow and arrangement to a publishable standard. This kind of critical editing is particularly important when it comes to university essays, research reports and theses, where scholarly fluency is paramount.

  3. Copywriting is our third area of expertise. King Arthur’s Writes prepares promotional materials (e.g. e-books, website marketing, e-mail templates, brochures, advertising posters) after a detailed brief and consultation with the client.